PULP (Premium Ultra Luxury Paper)

A modern, sophisticated alternative to the standard paper napkin. Soft printed organic textures with a smooth brushed finish gives a luxurious fabric feel. Impactful yet saturated soft tones give a new dimension to paper. Durable, tear-resistant, absorbent & versatile. Entertaining anywhere, anytime.

Client: Harman Inc Designer: Mantej Rakhra

Logo Design


24 Page Catalogue Design

Front cover
Spread ONE
Spread TWO
Spread FOUR
Spread 2.2
Spread FIVE
Spread SIX

Packaging Design

Feel The Difference.

Sophisticated product packaging. Product that speaks to the way we entertain. You can feel the difference. This is not your ordinary napkin. 

3 Packaging Design

Cocktail: 5 x 5” Luncheon: 6.5 x 6.5” Guest: 4.5 x 8”

Packaging ONE
Packaging TWO
Packaging THREE


Photo ONE
Photo 2
photo 3.3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 5
Photo 8