The controversy surrounding cell phone radiation has now spread across the globe, raising serious health concerns for the general public. Cell phone manufacturers have set a minimum distance between a phone and the body in order to minimize consumers’ radiation exposure – but many cell phone users remain unaware of this. 

As a result, consumers are using cell phones improperly which substantially increases their exposure to radiation. While the cellular industry’s research denies a correlation between cell phones and adverse health effects, independent research studies have confirmed that a link exists. There is damaging information about the testing practices for mobile devices and their radiation exposure limits. This is when manufacturer usage suggestions come to the forefront and politicians in the US and Canada have made largely unsuccessful efforts to pass laws informing consumers of the risks of radiation.

Hidden Hazard is a series of print pieces exploring the impact of cell phone radiation on the general public. This project aims to unveil the potential health hazards without discouraging cellular use. The goal of Hidden Hazard is not to frighten consumers, but to inform them and provide possible solutions.


Intent Award for Print Design (2018)

Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) 


Adobe Design Achievement Awards: Semifinalist (2018)

Category: Social Impact (Photography / Print / Illustration / Graphic)